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If you wish to apply for Blitz membership, first read the Recruitment Application Requirments topic.
Then create a new topic with the required information.
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Recruitment Application Requirements

Postby DeUltimaPunisher » Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:19 am

Blitzkrieg Whores 18+ is not a competitive league clan. Becoming a recruit of our clan is for those who want to be a part of our unique server community. However; We do have guidelines for joining. You must be a good sport, dedicate time to playing as much as you can, and be mature.

What do we look for in people when we choose to recruit them? Here's a list:

  • Maturity. It bothers us when admins and players say "BS!!" without investigating. That's childish and unwanted.
  • We're mainly recruiting people who play the early morning hours.
  • You got to use a microphone often (Otherwise it seems like you don't have a personality).
  • Genuinely nice attitude that boosts server morale. NEGATIVITY is not wanted! Attitude from a person can affect everyone in the server.
  • Be nice to everyone but don't suck up to the admins. We notice these things.
  • Loyalty. I notice when players are playing on other servers. That's fine, but if you want to join a clan, why would you be in another server?
  • Playing maps, even if you don't like them. This falls under the good sport quality we look for in admins. It really bothers us when people don't play maps they don't like.

What are the rules for joining? Please take a second to review and understand them:

  • Dual clanning is not allowed.
  • Only senior admins have the power to recruit new members.
  • You must obtain the approval of 3 senior admins to be recruited.
  • All recruiting must take place in the forums. (I need an official record, and want to encourage new members to use the forums.)
  • Players will only be recruited if they have been playing on our server for at least 6 months. (Exceptions can be made, but must be approved by DeUltimaPunisher.)
  • Players should have a reserved slot (donate). Exceptions can be made for low-income, unemployed, underemployed and service members. Exceptions must be approved by DeUltimaPunisher.
  • Players must use their mic. (This is the oldest recruitment rule and helps to build the Blitz social community.)
  • Recruits can only become full members with the approval of DeUltimaPunisher.

If this sounds like you, and you still want to join then please make a new thread using the template below as your application. Answer all the fields honestly and good luck.

Recruitment Application Template:

Player name:



What time of the day do you normally play? (Be specific if possible, including timezones):

Are you in any other clans?:

How long have you been playing in our server?:

Do you have a reserved slot or fall into an exception category?:

Do you use your mic in the server?:

Tell us in your own words why you want to join our clan:

Other Comments:


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